Oil Mist and Oil Smoke Collection


Industrial Air Quality is the perfect partner for analyzing, testing, and recommending the correct filter for your specific requirement. We design, engineer, install, and service our equipment as well as all other competitor's products.
Avani’s philosophy is simple:
- Always test to ensure the correct solution
- Exceed your expectations
- Provide performance guarantees
- Provide the best life cycle cost
- Exceed current and future OSHA compliances
Today’s metalworking environment uses faster turning and feed rates, mid-to-high pressure coolants, and less downtime. Most of the mist and smoke collectors on the market have not changed to address the changing market and normally end up with performance issues. Absolent can handle today’s issues as well as future issues. We meet all OSHA, state, and local compliances now and guarantee the same for the future. Our collector’s standard efficiency is 99.9% separation down to .3 microns. We can reclaim 99% of coolants and oils to be reused.

Dust TrakDust Trak

IAQ uses the Dust Trak system to determine the best solution. Without testing, the best you can do is guess. With tougher OSHA regulations, solid testing and performance guarantees make the most sense. We want a starting point so we can provide a written ending point. If not provided with performance and maintenance guarantees………you need to reconsider the solution.

Why Absolent


Benefits of the Absolent Solution:
• The Absolent solution is engineered for maximum collection efficiency of sub-micron particulate concentrations generated by the machining process.
• The Absolent solution also recognizes the need for extended service life with minimal maintenance ensuring that the mist collector/smoke collector operates for years without maintenance or filter changes.
• The Absolent solution is efficient enough to allow for re-circulation into the workspace without the need for exhaust or make-up air.
• The Absolent solution is quiet enough to allow for operation within the workspace without the need for sound protection; majority of the mist collection models operate at less than 68dBA.
• The Absolent solution guarantees compliance with current and future OSHA Oil Mist Standards ensuring the lowest risk decision for your company and protects against obsolescence in the event the OSHA, TWA, or PEL standard is reduced.
• The Absolent solution provides greater coolant reclaim and eliminates the evaporation of coolant throughout the filtration process allowing recovery of expensive coolant and or oil.This oil can be reused or filtrated and then reused.
• The Absolent solution allows flexibility of installation with a modular design for multiple stand alone tower units, compact machine mounted systems, and larger centralized units for versatility and floor space conditions within your facility.
• The Absolent solution includes monitoring features unique to our industry with standard integral differential pressure gauges to visually monitor filter conditions and test ports which allow monitoring with aerosol sampling equipment to monitor filter efficiency in mg/m3.
• The Absolent solution includes thousands of successful installations which include customers such as; Caterpillar, Hyundai, Honda, TRW, Delta Faucet, American Axle Mfg., Eaton Corporation, Nissan, Boeing, Koyo Bearings, SKF Bearings, and many others proving that the equipment is highly-dependable for continuous operation in a 24/7 harsh industrial environment.